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TMD Project

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This is the development page for the TMD project. The purpose of this project is to organize a repository for theoretical and phenomenological studies of transverse-momentum-dependent parton distribution functions (TMD PDFs) and fragmentation functions (TMD FFs). We provde access to parametrizations and fits of TMDs, with and without taking into account the perturbative QCD evolution.

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Update Nov 2015:

3. Gluon TMD PDFs in unpolarized protons from [hep-ph] 1345260 included in TMDlib.
See the TMDlib project website

2. Overview of TMD effects within the context of TMD factorization and high-energy factorization.
See publication: inSpire [hep-ph] 1383894

1. Study of the combined effects of partonic flavor and QCD evolution in unpolarized TMD FFs on e+e- annihilation.
See publication: inSpire [hep-ph] 1386256

Update Dec 2014:

Detailed treatmend of Collins-Soper evolution including new parametrization of gK function.
See preprint: arXiv:1412.3820

Update Jan 2014:

Fits to SIDIS data intended to provide limits on the Collins-Soper gK function.
See preprint: arXiv:1401.2654


A summary of updates is described here.