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Basic References

Definitions and Factorization Formalism

  • J.C.Collins, Foundations of Perturbative QCD (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2011). (See, especially, chapter 10 for basics of the formalism, and chapter 13 for setting up TMD-factorization, definitions of TMD PDFs and FFs, and some details of the calculations for the coefficient functions for TMD FFs.
  • Evolved TMD fits using TMD-factorization formalism:

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  • S.M. Aybat, J.C. Collins, J.W. Qiu, T.C. Rogers, arXiv:1110.6428v1 [hep-ph]: Sivers Function.
  • Other Useful References and Links

    Fixed-scale Gaussian fits in a generalized parton model:


  • P.Schweitzer, T.Teckentrup and A.Metz, Phys. Rev. D 81, 094019 (2010)
  • Sivers Function

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  • Cross section fits using traditional CSS formalism:

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  • Integrated (Collinear) Parton Correlation Functions:

  • Martin, Stirling, Thorne, Watt (MSTW) unpolarized pdfs
  • Database of fragmentation functions